How We Help


We help identify, assess, and qualify new security technologies or services for inclusion in the advancement of our client’s commercial offerings.


Past successful engagements include:

  • Growing the “security brand” of product and service vendors,

  • Leadership, hiring, and direction of advanced R&D capabilities,

  • Construction and integration of threat intelligence services and cutting-edge security offerings,

  • Advancing product and managed service capabilities through AI and machine learning,

  • Rollout and management of Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) programs,

  • Due diligence technology evaluation and advice,

  • Technology and managed service integration post-M&A,

  • Development and maturing of professional service delivery capabilities.


We help guide and evaluate new defensive strategies, technologies, service providers, and response programs; maximizing knowledge transfer and return on investment.

Past successful engagements include:

  • Defining and managing “bake-off” and evaluations of new security products,

  • Planning and oversight of security assessment and penetration testing programs,

  • Executive security requirement gathering and technology/response strategy planning,

  • Virtual CIO/CISO/CTO support, information security leadership, and tech executive mentoring,

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) planning, evaluation, and playbook tuning

  • Annual “bottom-up” defense evaluation, acquisition strategy, and security budget planning,

  • Defense in depth technology evaluation and scenario-based testing,

  • Risk assessment methodology guidance and security framework selection.


We help dissect and qualify new products, inventions, and commercial offerings in the context of a rapidly evolving security market, providing clarity on potential investment and demand evolution.

Past successful engagements include:

  • Competitive analysis of security technologies, delivery capabilities, and messaging,

  • Investor workshops on cyber security trends, attack techniques, and mitigation strategies,

  • Pre-investment technical due diligence on security technology, leadership, and market potential,

  • Demystification of technical jargon, buzzwords, and marketing smoke & mirrors,

  • Leadership augmentation and mentoring of technology executives at vested companies,

  • Technology evaluation, SWOT analysis, and roadmap evaluation,

  • Intellectual property evaluation and technology patent advice,

  • Technology horizon planning and roadmap tuning for acquisition readiness.